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WoW Classic: Retrospective Of Its First Year

August 26, 2020, was the date when World of Warcraft Classic celebrated its one-year anniversary. With the arrival of the Gates of Ahn’Qiraq, the game is halfway through the content released for Vanilla. We hope that Blizzard keeps realizing patches at the same speed. This first year of WoW Classic had been interesting with the same amount of exceeded expectations and unexpected things.

Blizzard never thought that WoW Classic would exceed the modest expectations they have during the development of the game. The reality was very different. The success of the game was huge among nostalgic players, so the server had some problems early on. Blizzard tried to balance the overpopulation, but the result was weird. For many players, the world was completely full, and for other players t was strangely empty.

Vanilla dungeons and raids were very difficult. Now the experience is easier and at some point boring. The difference between 2004 and the present is the better online communications and the people organized in a very efficient way. That is why the old insurmountable challenges became dungeons and raids that were beaten surprisingly quickly. It appears that the challenge now is how quickly can you defeat bosses. Now the guilds are speed-runners.

For example, the guild Dreamstate was able to clear Molten Core in less than 23 minutes in WoW Classic. Another example is Onyxia’s Lair one of the hardest raids during WoW’s original launch. At the moment was almost impossible to beat without a dwarf priest and their Fear Ward buff at the party. But no the black dragon was no match for modern communities. Even a guild managed to defeat Onyxia while naked.

Even so, WoW Classic is a great experience for new and old players. Thanks to its immense world where combat is challenging at some points. The best of this new beginning of World of Warcraft is its intimidating landscape where hostile NPCs and players alike could be waiting around any corner. This world felt like a living, breathing and interesting world again, not just a boring setting.

Now we have to wait for the next content to be released, including the giant Necropolis raid Naxxramas. If you are enjoying World of Warcraft Classic, then you should try WoW Classic gold service provided by GoldPiles.