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Why leasing an IP address is a better idea than buying

Quite a few years ago the world has gotten some big news regarding IPv4 addresses; they are depleted. Over 4 billion of the Internet protocol version 4 had been released to the world in the 1980s and it was assumed that would be enough, unfortunately, that wasn’t true. Because of this depletion companies that rely on connecting to internet networks were in trouble, they needed the IPv4 space and a lot of it. 

Then finally, a market popped up for the transaction of IPv4 addresses. Companies or businesses that had a bulk of IPv4 addresses that were going unused for different reasons began selling the IPv4 addresses for a relatively decent amount of money. Companies or businesses who needed the IPv4 address spaces to stay afloat gladly paid for them, but there is another way people or organizations can get IPv4 addresses a lot quicker than buying, and that is by leasing them.

Quicker to be used and more cost-effective 

An advantage when it comes to the decision to lease IPv4 address space is its cost-effectiveness. The prices for one IPv4 address are still to this day going higher, so buying a big amount will be quite difficult for businesses that are fairly small. So instead of buying, businesses can lease however many IPv4 addresses they need to keep themselves afloat or to prepare to transition to the Internet Protocol version 6.

Another great benefit regarding leasing instead of buying is how quickly you can use the IPv4 address. If your business needs to use the Ip addresses in a certain amount of time, buying can take a lot longer than you’d expect. The whole process of transferring ownership of an IPv4 from one person to the next or one business to another is quite complicated. Certain rules and regulations must be followed in order to avoid legal issues. Leasing the IPv4 address requires less complex rules and you can get it in 24 hours max, then you can use it right away.

An IP broker can help

IP brokers know the business of selling, buying, or leasing IP addresses, and can help make the process a lot more seamless and stress free for you. Finding a trusted broker will make all the difference in the world and you’ll have no problem finding contacts to lease the IPv4 address spaces you need.