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Which stocks to buy in 2023?

For the big equity debate on Finance Avenue, four experts select a circle of buyable stocks. ‘Those who have done their homework well, now have opportunities.’

The fact that the panel members were very curious about the share tips was evident from the packed room and the discovered notebooks that appeared when the analysts revealed their buying tips. Gert Bakelants, editor-in-chief of De Belegger, was a fan of Deceuninck, the Belgian manufacturer of PVC building profiles. The discord ipo stocks is found online. Due to fears of a cooling of the construction sector, the share has been discounted by 31 percent since the beginning of this year.


The Deceuninck share is much cheaper than at the beginning of this year. ‘But these days I dare to opt for stocks with a slightly more cyclical character, such as Deceuninck,’ says Bakelants. ‘The company has a healthy balance sheet and the share price is cheap.’ The fact that Deceuninck books a significant part of its turnover in politically and economically unstable Turkey is not reliable for Bakelants. ‘Deceuninck can adjust its prices every week to the fixed ones. Furthermore, the lower lira leads to cheap exports,’ it sounds. ‘And the management regularly buys additional clock shares. It doesn’t just do that.’


Mega trends

With the insulation player Recticel, Bakelants brought with it another part of the renovation wave that has come our way in recent years. ‘Recticel is also sensitive to economic cycles, but with a value element.’ Finally, the analyst of Frère holding company tipped GBL. ‘Perhaps a somewhat boring part, but the substantial discount and the low-valued companies in the portfolio can create double leverage in a better stock market climate.’


Insiders buy additional shares for millions of euros

Laurence De Munter, portfolio manager at Securities De Munter, is also concerned with the megatrends in the economy. on average across our national borders. She tips the German solar energy specialist 7CSolarparken and Veolia.