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What rules does a referee need to apply?

The refere applies the Rules of the Game and leads the match in cooperation with the assistant referees and, from where of
application, with the fourth official.

It is recommended that they communicate with each other through professional referee headsets, so they can discuss and always make the right decision.

He acts as a timekeeper and notes all facts relevant to the competition and provide the competent authorities with a match report, including information regarding disciplinary actions or other incidents that occurred before, during or happened after the match.

Next to that he also supervises and/or indicates the resumption of play. When there is an advantage he will let the game continue when an infringement or violation occurs and the team against which an offence was committed can take advantage of this and punishes the original infringement or violation if the expected benefit of that moment or within seconds.

Disciplinary action punishes the most serious offense, in terms of punishment, resumption, physical severity and tactical impact, if more than one violation occurs at the same time he takes disciplinary sanctions against players guilty of a violation that should be punished with a warning or exclusion.

He has the power to take disciplinary action from the moment the playing field is entered before the inspection before the match until the playing field is entered exit at the end signal (including the penalty kick sequence).

If, before entering the playing field at the start signal, a player commits an offence justifying exclusion, then the referee has the authority not to allow the player to participate in the match. The referee shall report any additional peripheral behaviour and has the authority to show yellow or red cards and where the league rules it temporarily excludes players.