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Transform your acoustic office pod this Christmas

Who said that our acoustic office pod was all that it could be? The days are closing in on Christmas, people moods are lifting and the cold is starting to set in. The closer it gets, the close your Christmas work party is getting, and it’s a great way to bond with your colleagues and get to know them that little bit better.

Have you ever thought about how to bring the pod to the party and create a whole new scene? If the answer is no, we’re about to open your mind to some fun Christmas possibilities that allow you to use all your office.

Sing it loud

After a few drinks we all become the best singer…. or so we think. Transform your acoustic pod into a karaoke room so you can belt out your favourite songs with your favourite colleagues and really let loose. What’s even better is your acoustic pod will be put to the test to see how much noise it can really absorb.

Bake off

This is the time to show off your baking skills and bring out all the festive bakes. Turn the pod into a baking heaven as you compete for the title of the winning baker. Add some decorations, along with tables of cakes and you’ll be boosting moral like never before.

Smile for the camera

Use your office pod set up as the perfect backdrop and area for you to create your own photo booth. It’s fun and it’s very cost effective. You’ll be able to find the moustaches, inflatable guitars and hats to make you stand out and show how outrageous you can really be.

Winter Wonderland

Fake snow, trees and lights are all you need to make an acoustic office pod into a beautiful winter grotto for your employees and their family to enjoy. Christmas is the time to bring everyone together and the winter wonderland grotto could be the answer. Take some photos, use them on social media and create some workplace memories.

Escape Room

The perfect way to bring out your competitive streak and play in a team against each other. All you need to do is create some clues, add some padlocks (don’t forget the keys) and away you go! Watch as the team work together or argue to the finish line – either way, some true colours will be shown in this high-pressured situation.

Christmas Break

What a great way to end the year, then having dinner with the people you work with on a daily basis. Use the space to lay out some sandwiches and snacks and use the time to celebrate the year you have had and to wind down before the real Christmas celebrations begin.

We’ve only touched the surface with the amazing ways you can use your office pod over the Christmas period. Great creative, have some fun and bring Christmas spirit to your workplace.