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This is how you find out which magazine suits you!

Magazines come in all shapes, sizes and topics. If you take a look at you will find out just how big the selection is. There is something for everyone. But what if you like a lot of them? You don’t want to buy a dozen different magazines. You often don’t have time to read them all and they are quite expensive. So how do you know which magazine is right for you? Read on!


What exactly would you like to read?

To find out which magazine really suits you, it is important to know what you like to read. As just mentioned, there are all kinds of topics. There are magazines about food, magazines about clothes, magazines about everyday things, magazines about cars, magazines about houses, and we could go on like this for a couple of hours. So, what you like to read is very important when picking a magazine.


 Switch on a filter 

Once you figure out what you like to read, it’s best to turn on a filter when you visit the Dutch Expat shop site! This way you don’t have to check all the magazines one by one if it suits you. For example, do you like magazines about sports? Then you won’t need magazines about food or clothes. You can select a filter to go directly to all magazines about sports. Of course, this does not only apply to sports magazines, but to all kinds of subjects. Do you still like to see what magazines are out there, whether you want to read them or not? Of course, you are not obliged to turn on the filter. So, scroll away!


The first one in not immediately the best one

When you’re looking for a magazine that suits you, you shouldn’t immediately assume that the first and best one you bring into your home will be the one. You may well have read a magazine that turns out to be less enjoyable than you thought. So try out some different magazines, and don’t pick just one. For example, if you are looking for a magazine for your child, there are lots of them. Order a few and see what your child really likes to read. If there’s one that they almost literally sleep with, then you know which one you can have delivered to your mailbox every month!


Dutch Expat Shop

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