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The most beautiful and scenic mountain roads in Italy

Italy is the most beautiful country if you are looking at them concerning their history. It has almost every classical building or scenery to show. It was the breeding home of the great Roman Empire, then the influence of the Renaissance era (especially art) had a strong impact here. However, that is not all, this city is also especially unique for its beautiful scenery and amazing scenic routes.

In this article, we shall go through the best scenic roads in Italy, so when you visit the place, you can make the best out of your trip and do justice to Italy.

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Top Roads in Italy with the most beautiful scenery:

As you shall see, in Italy, it is not only the passes that are beautiful but the roads of every kind, regardless of their nature. They are as follows:

The South-East Road of Sicily

This is a rugged terrain that will take you across UNESCO listed sites. Start with a filling breakfast from the famous fish market, and then start your travel through this road. Visit the tourist attractions and make sure to take pictures. Also, make sure to stop at the bridge over the gorge.

Great Dolomites Road

If you want to go across various green villages and beautiful snow-clad mountains surrounding them, the great Dolomites road would be the best road to pick. This trip is sure to give you a breath of fresh air after all your years in pollution, smoke, and heat.

The Stelvio Pass

This pass was declared as the greatest road by the “Top Gear” show, which is proof of how clean this road would be, and the beautiful scenic beauty it will provide you with. Though, make sure not to drive too fast on this road.

The Amalfi Coastline

If you want to have a look at Italy’s enthralling coast-line, take the road on Amalfi. The view would be especially worth looking at during the dawn or sunset. If you want, you can also stop at a good beach you find near the coastline.

Florence to Orvieto

What better trip from one big city to another one? Both these cities have a big history for Italy, as they were the focal points of art and science at one point. This route will also take you across beautiful villages and some interesting sites.

Road from Aurelia

Although this road is quite narrow, the experience on it would be the broadest. You will come across towns, villages, cliffs, and various resorts that will make it a time of your life.

Final Thoughts

If you visit these roads in Italy, you will have absolutely nothing to miss out on. It will give you the best experience of your life, and you will make memories that you shall not forget until your last days. If you are lucky enough to have grandchildren of your own, you will see yourself telling them these stories with utmost enthusiasm, and these road trips would be your biggest adventure according to that story.