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Solids Solutions, solutions in product development

Many (industrial) products consist of small particles or powders. In order to develop a good product, knowledge of the properties of these particles is therefore required. At Solids Solutions we do extensive research into this, so that we can help companies in various industries with product development. If you get stuck in the process, we can find the cause and offer an appropriate solution. We are also happy to share our knowledge of powder and particle technology with you in the form of seminars, courses and events.


Powder segregation research

To develop a certain product, several components are mixed with each other. This sounds simpler than it is, because not all components, or particles, mix equally well with each other.  Different properties of the particles can cause segregation to take place. Among other things, the size and density of the particles influence this. Particle separation is also called powder segregation. This poses a problem when developing a product, because it negatively affects the functioning of the product. Solids Solutions carries out research into the properties of the various particles and looks for solutions to ensure that no segregation takes place.


BET analysis

Do you need information about the surface area of a solid or porous substance? At Solids Solutions we can accurately calculate the BET surface by means of a BET analysis. We use nitrogen, but also other gases such as argon, carbon dioxide and crypton. This depends on the type of substance being analysed. The gas is adsorbed into the substance, so that the pore size, pore volume and porosity of the substance can be determined. On the basis of the information that has to be obtained, we use the right techniques and methods. Do you need specialised knowledge about particles and powder technology? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.