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Shoplazza versus OpenCart: Know the difference

Shoplazza is an ever-growing SaaS-based eCommerce platform to set up your online business and scale it up into a well-known brand. The Shoplazza SaaS platform helps you build a fast, secure website. Many users ask how it stands against OpenCart, which is also a popular online shopping platform. OpenCart has been in the market for a long time, while Shoplazza has come late but grown much faster than many other shopping platforms, including OpenCart. In this article, let us understand the difference between Shoplazza and OpenCart, and then you decide on which platform you will open your business.


Availability of free themes on Shoplazza and OpenCart: A comparison

If you don’t know how to code and it’s difficult for you to hire a developer, you should go for Shoplazza as it is very easy to use. It comes with 30+ free themes for merchants to create their own stores by simply dragging and dropping, with no code required.


Ease of migration from other shopping platforms like Amazon

Online businesses can also migrate their stores to Shoplazza from Amazon and any other platform. Even though it is possible on OpenCart as well, the task of migration is difficult, as per the reviews of many businesses. They chose Shoplazza because of its interactive UI interface that lets them perform the migration easily.


Marketing options, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing

Shoplazza lets you market your business for maximum revenue. You can easily create SEO content, do social media marketing on all platforms and sync your products. Moreover, it offers easy email marketing options that help you reach out to the subscribers in the nick of time. OpenCart allows you to do social media marketing, but is not user-friendly. If you choose OpenCart, you need to be an expert and devote extra time to marketing. It is not a healthy option for businesses that want to focus on their growth.


Pricing: Is going for the free OpenCart platform a good option?

The OpenCart platform is free to use, but as we know, free comes with a hidden price. So people who are serious about their business do not fall into the trap of freebies offered by OpenCart. Shoplazza is the best option available on the market for serious businesses who want to grow themselves from scratch.


Security of Ads Account

If you are on Shoplazza, you don’t need to worry about security. Check the free trial option today to let yourself know-how. It is absolutely easy to ensure the security of your Google Ads Account. Shoplazza has a feature (Store Pre-Check) that prevents your GMC account from getting suspended. It also improves the efficiency of store management.


Shoplazza minimizes your Cart abandon rate. Does OpenCart help you minimize it?

You can simply reduce the cart abandonment rate to nil if you use Shoplazza, claiming the well-established businesses who have used both OpenCart and Shoplazza. Along with the minimization of cart abandonment rate, you can also get a high-efficiency recall. In this way, you can reach out and recover most of your customers and increase the conversion rates. It isn’t too farfetched to claim that Shoplazza remarketing tools are the best in the market. It is far better than OpenCart, which does nothing significant on this front.


Effective Data analysis to increase traffic to your eCommerce Shop

Shoplazza provided the customers with an effective and intuitive interface. It helps in tracking the source of the order. The businessman can look into the traffic, platform, and URL. They can then modify their policies accordingly to optimize their sales funnel.


What is the best option: Shoplazza or OpenCart?

While OpenCart is a free shopping platform, it comes with various disadvantages, like its complexity of use. We spoke with businesses who switched from free OpenCart to Shoplazza because they wanted to stay ahead of the competition. You can’t rely on a free platform when you are seriously pursuing your dream of establishing a strong footing in eCommerce.

In that case, Shoplazza comes in handy. It’s cheaper than other platforms like Shopify and provides the same functionalities. Shoplazza combines the best features of OpenCart and Shopify, including a low price and an easy-to-use, interactive shopping platform. It isn’t hard to choose which one is best among Shoplazza, OpenCart, and Shopify. Click here to get a free trial of the best online shopping platform today.


(Contributed by Krati Bacharwar & Hermes Fang)