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NBA 2K21 Early Reviews for Steam Version

NBA 2K21 is here and we have the first reviews from those playing on Steam. This was one of the most-wanted games of 2020. Players were excited about it and now they finally got the chance to see what the developers prepared for this year’s installment. Let’s see what day-one players had to say about the game.

Unfortunately, NBA 2K21 didn’t have a positive reception from Steam players. Keep in mind that the game has many activities and some of these players didn’t go through all the game’s content. Some modes cannot be accurately reviewed in the first few days because it takes time to discover them completely. However, it’s always interesting to see the first impressions.

A lot of players feel that NBA 2K21 is not that different from NBA 2K20. A lot of the old features such as cut scenes are similar to the ones from the old game. Players welcome the addition of the shot meter but they don’t think it is enough to bring novelty to the game. Some players also noticed that old bugs are still present in the new game.

As usual, some players wanted certain old features, such as quick draw, removed. The camera angle in story mode is another thing that didn’t leave players a good impression. Another player said that the story mode doesn’t have that many options and that the story could be better. The AI was also criticized. MyCareer didn’t get a good reception either. Players feel that this is the worst iteration in years. MyGym got a lot of feedback from players last year. They were hoping that their concerns didn’t go unnoticed but it seems that the developer didn’t change the mode that much.

However, not all reviews are bad. The MyTEAM mode is less criticized, no wonder it’s one of the most popular mode in the game. The NBA 2K21 MT coins definitely helps the game survived from the criticism.

Players liked the cover star choices. They also praised the game’s soundtrack. The Park was another feature that got a positive response from Steam players. Even if most of the reviews are bad there are many players who are having a blast playing NBA 2K21.

One interesting thing is that the majority of the bad reviews come from players who didn’t put many hours into the game. The good reviews are from those who’ve played for at least 5-6 hours. It seems that the game doesn’t grab attention from the beginning but it reveals itself once you put some more hours into it. Let’s not forget that the game was just released and it’s still time to fix things.

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