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Link building methods that make your business easier to find

There are several link building methods. Each with its own pros and cons. When building a link, always choose a combination of forms for a varied link profile. Here we look at five different ways to create backlinks.

Add backlinks yourself. Consult your website on the Internet. There are many websites with business directories to which you can add your own business. For example, blog comments and profiles on social media. These types of links are of less value from an SEO point of view because they can be created by yourself.

Requesting backlinks (range) One of the most common forms of link building is requesting backlinks. We call this process: range. This is where you go to other websites and ask them if they want to link to your specific domain, page or article. it takes a long time and there is no guarantee that new backlinks will be generated. Website operators are also aware that a backlink has value and will therefore quickly charge a fee. A successful email campaign is a skill in itself. Website owners regularly receive emails asking if they can backlink. When applying for backlinks, the first thing you think about is: “What’s in it for YOU? What is the added value for the website owner to go to your website or page?

Getting backlinks Another way to get backlinks is to earn them. For example, creating good, comprehensive content that other website owners want to view. Think of unique information, infographics and interesting facts. According to Google’s guidelines, all backlinks must be included in the received backlinks. This allows the algorithm to determine which websites and pages are relevant. The process of creating content that others want to link to is sometimes called the technical term linkbait.

Buy backlinks or outsource link building. This is to keep the received backlinks. Check regularly if the links refer to, for example, 404 pages, you can also see in different SEO software if the backlink has been lost. In that case, you can try to get this link.