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Get the best out of long-distance-RFID readers for your company


Get the best out of long-distance-RFID readers for your company

What are long-distance-RFID readers and why are they important?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that has been around for decades and is used for identifying, following and managing objects, animals and people. Long-distance-RFID readers, such as the RFID Reader Long Range of Nedap Identification, are specially designed to detect and read RFID tags at larger distances, sometimes up to 100 meters. This offers numerous benefits for companies and organizations in various sectors, such as logistics, transport, security and access control.

In this article you discover how you can take advantage of long-distance-RFID readers and how they can help your company work more efficiently and effectively.

Improved access control and security

One of the most important applications of long-distance-RFID readers is access control. By using RFID tags in combination with a long-distance reader, companies and organizations can easily and efficiently manage access to certain areas or facilities. This can, for example, be applied to parking lots, warehouses or secure zones within a company.

Thanks to the long reading distance, vehicles or people with a valid RFID tag can be automatically detected and gain access without stopping or entering an access code manually. This not only improves security, but also ensures a smoother flow and less waiting time.

More efficient logistics and stock management

Long-distance-RFID readers can also provide significant benefits for logistics processes and stock management. By placing RFID tags on products, pallets or containers, companies can accurately follow and manage their stock without manual scans or counts.

With a long-distance-RFID reader, for example, warehouse staff can quickly and easily check the content of a warehouse, without having to scan each item separately. This saves time and reduces the chance of errors when keeping the stock. In addition, RFID readers can be integrated with software for inventory management at a long distance, making real-time updates and accurate stock information possible.

Better tracking and monitoring of valuable assets

For companies that manage valuable assets, such as vehicles, machines or equipment, long-distance-RFID readers can help follow and monitor the location and status of these assets. By placing RFID tags on the assets, companies can easily follow the location and movement of their valuable items, which helps prevent theft and improving efficiency in using resources.

In addition, RFID tags can also contain information about maintenance status or other important data from an asset, giving companies better insight into the performance and life of their valuable items.