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Preparing the required files

Now we can start developing our first game. Create a phaser-pong folder for it on your web server and copy the phaser.js file from the build folder with the framework sources there. Also create an assets folder in it, where we will store all the resources related to the game, and an index.html file (in fact, this is where our game will be).

Copy the ball, paddle and background images to the assets folder. You can take the following files (I took the starry sky from the Phaser examples as a background), or you can draw something of your own. The main thing is to make sure that you are loading the correct images into the game with the correct names and the correct sizes. Also, do not choose too large images, with their rendering problems may arise. Therefore, before using your cat’s photo, reduce it to, say, 480×640 (the resolution of our game), and everything will be fine.




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