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Fruit-flavored vapes banned from 1 July: that's how bad smoking with a taste is for you

You know them: the e-cigarette with a taste. No tobacco that is smoked, but nicotine with a sweet taste. Vaping has become quite normal in the streets and seems to be a harmless and less unhealthy product with a fruit flavor. But appearances are deceiving, because there appear to be enough other harmful substances in the flavored vapes, so that the ministry will impose a ban on 1 July. We explain what vapes are and why so many people are addicted to them.


What are vapes?

The vape is another name for an e-cigarette, to which a nice sweet taste is added. From kiwi to grapefruit and from apple pie to caramel. You can’t think of it that crazy, but you have the vapes in all flavors. The fruit flavors are especially popular and are the most sold. It is vaped everywhere: on the street or in shops.


How harmful are vapes

The main ingredients of the sweet e-cigarette are nicotine and propylene glycol. Nicotine is also in the normal cigarette which ensures that you become addicted to the product. Unlike propylene glycol, it is not carcinogenic, but at high doses it is harmful to the nervous system and can cause heart rhythm disturbances.Order e-cigarette online at mr-joy.comfor more information. When the substance propylene glycol is burned, toxic particles are formed in the respiratory tract and eyes, which is very bad for the body. This increases the risk of lung disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer, according to RTL Nieuws.



According to physician-epidemiologist Esther Croes of the Trimbos Institute, it is the flavors that are added to the vapes that make people addicted. Flavors such as strawberry and watermelon smell and sound better than tobacco and, in combination with the nicotine, it makes you addicted. In addition, it is relatively cheap compared to cigarettes. Even through social media, it is widely traded, which ensures that it is also attractive to young people.


Decision on ban

The ban on smoking and trading in flavored vapes was already announced last year by outgoing State Secretary Paul Blokhuis of Public Health. The ban from 1 July is getting closer and closer and the Trimbos Institute is happy about that. After July 1, only e-cigarettes with a tobacco flavor can be sold and the fruity vape will be a thing of the past.