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Explosives found while magnetfishing

It’s been more and more in the media lately; the best fishing magnet . Also in Ede because special finds sometimes come to the surface, such as a stolen safe with an urn in it in September 2020. In some municipalities it is now prohibited. Also in Ede?

The reason that magnet fishing is prohibited in some municipalities is because of the danger it can pose. The Explosive Clearance Service spoke about this at Omroep Gelderland. The service was called in 69 times this year alone because of ammunition found by magnet fishermen. An EOD spokesperson told the broadcaster that “the question is not whether people are killed or injured by ammunition fishing, but when.”

In Ede
If you fish in water, you must always have permission from the rights holder. What about if you want to magnet fish in municipal water? In Ede metal fishing falls under the metal detection ban. In Ede it is “forbidden to carry a metal detector, a mine detector or any other object in designated public places, apparently intended for the detection of explosives, metal objects and the like”. This is stated in art. 2: 47b of the General Local Regulation (APV).

What are those designated places in Ede? Mainly places that used to have a military function. They are all:

the territory of the municipality of Ede, with the exception of the built-up area;
the area within the zoning plan “Barracks sites”;
the area between Bennekomseweg / Edeseweg, Doctor Hartogsweg, Heetveldlaan and Horalaan;
the area between the Edeseweg, the A12 and the Bovenbuurtweg and the Zandlaan.
What should you also take into account?
Do you want to magnet fish in a place where this is allowed? Then there are some rules that you have to take into account. Fishing is not allowed in built-up areas between 10 pm and 6 am. This also applies to fishing for objects instead of live fish. The intention is that you take into account the flora and fauna around the water as much as possible. If your actions adversely affect the flora and fauna, you can have problems with this. And lastly: In Ede, agreements have been made about fishing and the Ede waters with the Association of Fishing Association EDE. Tune in with them if you want to magnet fish somewhere.