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Car Tuning: Fuel and Advanced Clutch Parts

Car tuning improves the overall performance of your vehicle according to your needs. When tuning, you must focus on parts that will work in harmony towards the end goal. Some of the parts that you might need when tuning includes:


  • Intake parts like air filters

  • Ignition parts like spark plugs

  • Advanced clutch

  • Fuel management parts like fuel filters


Intake Parts

A car produces more power by breathing in more air. For you to achieve this, the stock intake parts might not be efficient. Air filters help clean and increase the air intake. A good air intake should guide all the air into the engine for enhanced intake efficiency. You can go a step further and purchase a full intake kit to remove the air cleaner box for maximum efficiency.


Ignition Parts

Spark plugs are the most common parts to change during this stage. That’s because they must be strong to provide quality ignition. One common problem you will experience with mediocre spark plugs is detonation. Purchasing high heat range spark plugs will eliminate the detonation; however, they are prone to misfire in lower temperatures. To negate this, you must control the timing of the ignition.


Advanced Clutch

A clutch connects your engine to the gearbox. Once your engine has more power or performance, the gearbox needs to handle the additional power. If your clutch isn’t strong enough, it won’t deliver the best performance to the drivetrain. An advanced clutch can handle more torque, thus delivering the expected performance. A clutch will consist of:


  • Diaphragm spring

  • Pressure plate

  • Clutch plate springs

  • Clutch plate

  • Friction surface

  • Flywheel


Fuel Management

For fuel to burn efficiently within the engine, the air-fuel ratio has to be accurate. All the fuel management parts will work together with the stronger spark plugs to ensure that your engine produces the desired power. Replacing the fuel filter ensures that your engine is free of any debris.

Both the air and fuel filter work together to ensure that the air-fuel ratio is balanced. The fuel injectors are also crucial for controlling the fuel amount when mixing it with the air. It boosts the combustion of the engine, thus producing the desired results.


Final Take

For a successful tune-up, you have to address all the parts which will wear and tear quickly. More power requires stronger parts that can easily sustain the change. If you don’t replace parts like the clutch, fuel, and air filters, you can end up with decreased performance.