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Brake Kits by D2 Racingsport

Brake kits are an essential component of every car or automobile. They have an essential function which is stopping the movement of an automobile. Further, brake kits enlarge the surface area of the brake pad, hitting a brake rotor. As a result, the driver gets an improved braking function.

Further, when looking to upgrade your vehicle’s performance, you should have a good brake kit. Many people often find themselves in trouble after upgrading their vehicle’s output and forgetting about the brakes. The vehicle will not have enough braking power to reel itself back in.

These brake kits come in various shapes and sizes. However, they all have a uniform purpose which is to stop movement. This post will share four of the most used types of brakes today.


Most common brake types:


•Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are directly attached to the wheel. They consist of a brake rotor and apply hydraulic pressure channelled from the master cylinder. The pressure thus causes the calliper to press the brake pads on both sides of the rotor. The entire procedure leads to causing friction among the pads and a rotor, causing the car to slow down and eventually stop gradually.


•Emergency brakes

Also called parking breaks, emergency brakes are a supplementary braking system. The emergency brakes function independently and are only used once the driver engages them. Most emergency brake systems are powered by cables that directly put pressure on the wheels when prompted.

Further, this type of brakes is only used to keep a car stationary if it is being parked. It is also used in any other emergency while driving or if the other brakes fail.


•Drum Brakes

This type of brakes has a brake drum that is attached to the inside part of a wheel. If the brake pedal tightens, the hydraulic pressure forces the two brake shoes against the brake drum. The entire process establishes friction which in turn causes the car to gradually slow and stop.


•Anti-Lock Brakes

Also known as (ABS), anti-lock brakes are mainly found in the latest models of vehicles. They are meant to work so that if the stationary brakes are engaged suddenly, the ABS brake will block the wheels from locking up. It would in turn, prevent the tires from skidding.

The Anti-Lock brakes mainly come in handy when one is driving on a slippery surface. Also, if the surface is wet or the ground is not very firm, the anti-lock brakes may help.



In the past, it has been established that car accidents are often a result of faulty braking systems. You might be careful on the road, but your braking system may fail you. Therefore, it is always advisable to get genuine brake kits from trusted providers.