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As a specialist in Human Resources

As a specialist in Human Resources (HR), you organize the daily personnel policy from A to Z in order to achieve the objectives of the organization together. You start from a talent-oriented and appreciative vision that brings out the best in everyone. From recruitment and selections, to payroll administration and talent development; as an HR specialist you deal with the human capital of a company every day.

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With your interest in languages, you are eager to make intercultural contacts in the business world. In addition, you tackle problems quickly and efficiently and you search creatively for solutions. Connecting communication allows you to build good relationships with stakeholders, improve the functioning of your organization and switch smoothly between different languages and cultures.
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As a born planner and organizer you like to keep an eye on the latest trends. You take the organization of events to a higher level thanks to a strong dose of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. You are a good communicator, you market a concept strongly, you like to work in a team on projects and you keep a cool head in crisis situations.

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