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Advantages of long-range RFID in gated communities

Advantages of long-range RFID in gated communities

Many years ago, life was relatively safer. We hear stories our elders talk about how they didn’t need to lock their front doors back in their day and kids were allowed to play away from home and no one would feel anxious. Sadly, times have changed, and people know better now. We all value security a lot more these days and a way people have found that security is through gated communities. 

Within these communities, homes, and children feel safer, but there is one problem. When members of these communities come in and out with their vehicles, how will this security be preserved with the fear that intruders might slip in when the gates are being opened. The solution to this problem is long range RFID. Want to find out more about it and how it offers some extra security for your gated community? Then keep on reading!


What exactly is a ‘long range RFID’?

RFID is an acronym for radio frequency identification. The reason they are perfect for gated communities to use is due to the fact that long range RFID tags are able to be read from up to 30 feet away. Every RFID tag is tracked using an identifier that is distinctive to the tag, this is utilized to follow all of the movements the tags make. And based on the data that is available in the system, the identifier of the tag can also be used to allow access to a gated community or deny it.

With the RFID systems, only vehicles that are approved with the long range RFID tags can access the gated community. So, intruders will have a harder time trying to obtain a way in.


Why gated communities instate long range RFID

Installing long range RFID in gated communities to control the means of entry has many benefits, such as:


  • A security upgrade: Making it a hard time for criminals and other unwanted guests to access the gated community is always a plus and upgrading the security with the long range RFID tags can and will do that.

  • Traffic congestion can be lessened: long range RFID tags are able to keep tabs on the activity of all vehicles that are inside and outside of the gated community. That data makes it possible to control the flow of traffic and lessen the traffic congestion.

  • Strengthen the customer support: Information from the community’s residents and their personal visitors can be saved using the long range RFID tags. With that data, customer support can be strengthened by, for example, identifying them as they come inside.


Proper access security 

There are many satisfied gated communities using the long range RFID to control the access of their vehicles. With the long range RFID, people now have proper access security, which makes them feel safer.