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7 books for the manager

book marketing

What could be more interesting and useful than reading books? A list of 6 books that best cover your areas of interest in marketing

Jack Mitchell “Hug Your Customers”

Jack Mitchell has written the most soulful book on the service approach to customer service. Anticipating expectations, which is at the heart of the service, Jack calls ‘hugs’. The author invites each company to create a long list of all possible “hugs”, cultivating in the minds of employees to “hug” customers every day.

“Four qualities make an employee great – he must be competent and confident, he must have a positive attitude, he must be able to listen, learn and grow with enthusiasm to become the best possible. After all, decency in the broadest sense of the word should be the basis of all these qualities “

John Schole “First Class Service”

This is the most systematic book I have read about the service. Here and about service processes, and about planning a service strategy, but also about calculating its effectiveness. This piece, while not written as vividly as the others on this list, serves as an excellent foundation on which to nurture service-minded thinking.

“You have to treat your own employees as your customers. If you treat your “internal” customers correctly, you treat external customers correctly. “

Shep Hayken “Customers love it”

Shep Hayken has created a structured guide that is the easiest to work with for implementation. Open the book on one of the pages – and you will immediately find a new idea to “amaze” customers.

“Astonishment is the level of customer experience that gives you an undeniable edge in every area of ​​the economy and in every market niche. Astonishment is a competitive advantage that distinguishes good companies from really big ones. “

Jeff Sutherland “Scrum. A revolutionary method of project management “

Scrum is an agile project management methodology based on the “eat the elephant in pieces” rule. That is, the project is divided into small iterations (sprints), for each of which a list of tasks needed to solve in this period (backlog) is compiled. Practice shows that agile methodologies enable effective project management.

“The Scrum method is based on a simple idea. Whenever a project is launched, nothing prevents you from regularly checking the progress of the work and finding out consistently: whether you are up to the task; whether you are moving in the right direction; you create exactly what the customer really wants to get. Nothing prevents you from constantly asking the following questions: are there ways to improve development methods and to carry out the work in the most efficient and quick way; are there any factors that hinder your tasks?

 Jill Konrath “Flexible Sales”

Good motivation for action with lots of chips to grow from a small salesperson to a sales guru.

“To perform as well as possible, you have to learn all the time. Yes, it is sometimes difficult to stay motivated, but remember that you are responsible for this. “

Seth Godin “non-replaceable”

I put this book on the list because if you asked me to name 10 books that influenced me as a specialist, it would be in the top five. After reading it, I want to take it and do everything I can to become irreplaceable. I don’t know if it worked out for me, but I’m sure you will.

Instagram Marketing: Road to 100k Instagram Followers

This ebook is a comprehensive look at how to go from Instagram novice to Instagram expert or entrepreneur.

In 3 years I have gained more than 10 million Instagram followers for myself and my clients. I represent full-time clients. They are giants in the industry who run their own companies. The company’s monthly income is in excess of $ 500,000, and by attracting tens of thousands of target followers every day, it actually helps them grow the business through social media.

What I cover in this ebook:

Decide which brand you want to launch on Instagram

Make an action plan for 12 months

How to increase loyalty to 100,000 followers

How to monetize the following and use your account as leverage

Learn the full Instagram algorithm

….. more info can be found here «Road to 100k Instagram Followers»!

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