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5 fun facts about pizza you didn’t know

Everybody knows something about pizzas. But here are some interesting fun facts you didn’t  know about pizzas yet. From Italian pizza dough balls that made the longest pizza in the world to delivery in… Space? Read along to find out more.

The 24K-pizza is the most expensive pizza in the world

Did you know that the most expensive pizza in the world is made by the restaurant Industry Kitchen in New York? This kitchen prepares pizzas but they use slightly different toppings than the average pizzeria. Truffles, foie gras, white Stilton cheese, caviar and gold flakes are the norm for topping their pizzas. Quanta costa? For$2.000,- you can enjoy an entire pizza. It is also possible to go for one slice for $250 per piece. A steal if you’d ask us.

The longest pizza ever was created in Naples

The current world record is held by 400 pizza bakers in Naples: they managed to create the longest pizza in the world in no less than 11 hours. With 1.853 meters this was by far the longest pizza that was ever baked. In order to achieve this goal, 2 tons of mozzarella, 2 tons of flour, 1,5 tons of tomato sauce, 200 liters of oil and 30 kilos of basil were used.

Women order vegetable pizzas more often than men

As this may not come as a surprise to some, women order twice as much vegetable pizzas than men. Women also tend to tip the pizza delivery guy more often.

Pizza Hut even delivers in space

Say what? Yup, you heard it. In 2001 Pizza Hut wrote history by delivering a pizza with salami in space. In the International Space Station (ISS) to be exact. The company paid the Russians 900 million (!) for delivery and also made a commercial around the stunt.

The world record for fastest pizza baker is held by an Englishman

In june 2014 the Englishman Pali Grewal won the Las Vegas competition for fastest pizza baker in the world. Amidst 6.000 spectators he made and baked three large pizzas in 39.1 seconds, setting a new world record. That is 13 seconds per pizza! What a legend.