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3 tips to make your removal go as smoothly as possible

Are you going to move into a new house? Then you’ve got some exiting times ahead of you. After you bought a house in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, or another city, you shouldn’t wait too long before you start planning. Because when it comes to moving, there is more to it than you think. And for many people, a change of residence is a very stressful activity. To help you make you removal go as smoothly as possible, we compiled a list with the top tips to consider when moving house.

1)     Start in time

After you said goodbye to the real estate agent who helped you with buying your dream house, you should immediately start planning the whole process. The earlier you do this, the less stressful your removal will be. You should also pack your things as far in advance as possible, at least several weeks or even months before the removal will take place. For instance, when you’re moving in the summer, you can already pack your winter things early, since you won’t need those in the summer.

2)     Pack wisely

Don’t start packing your things in a random order, but think carefully about the best way to do this. For instance, it is wise to use separate boxes for every room. This makes the unpackaging process a lot easier. Furthermore, don’t make the boxes too heavy; your back will thank you for that. And it is also better to put the heaviest items on the bottom of the boxes, and the lighter items on top.

3)     Keep your essentials with you

Don’t make the mistake to pack everything you have in your moving boxes. After all, there are things you will need on moving day. These include a set of clothes, a toothbrush, medications, and paperwork. Put these in a separate bag that you carry with you all the time. If something goes wrong, this will save you a lot of stress.